How to Handle Photo Booth Sponsorship Requests

Photo booth business owners often get asked to provide their services as part of sponsorships or partnerships. A photo booth sponsorship should be mutually beneficial. A lot of times though, we question whether a sponsorship opportunity will help grow our businesses in the long run.

When sponsoring an event worked out well for me, the benefits were clear up front, like:

  • tons of great photos to use on my website
  • mentions and tags on social media
  • the chance to collaborate and rub elbows with some of my favorite industry peers

But when sponsorship events did not go so well, I left them feeling as if I had gotten absolutely nothing out of participating. After a while, I realized I needed a way to minimize the risk of not getting anything out of the deal.

Whether you decide to participate in a photo booth sponsorship or not, you can make your decision confidently and without any stress. Just follow these four tips I’ve shared with you below. Read on!

1. Create A Photo Booth Sponsorship Policy

Treat a photo booth sponsorship just like any other event, and have a policy in place for how you will handle these requests.

I created a policy that includes boundaries or parameters to help evaluate whether or not I should accept a sponsorship request.

My policy includes the number of sponsorship requests I will even take. You can decide how many of these requests you want to take and how often too. Like maybe you only want to accept one per quarter, five per year, or only one every six months.

You can also consider what types of organizations you want to work with. Whatever details you include, think about what you want out of the deal, and make your policy reflect your needs.

For each inquiry, I consider things like:

  • Are the guests my ideal customers? If the guests aren’t in my target audience, chances are I am not doing it, unless there’s a ton of value to be gained from participating (see below for full list)
  • How many people will be attending? You might be thinking, the more, the better! But, if only a few people attending the event are the absolute right people (your target audience), then you might not want to accept the sponsorship
  • Can I get creative? If there are other vendors participating in the event, I often work with them on custom backdrop installations or prop options. I also try to go all out to document what we’re capable of so I can show potential clients what I can do.

Whatever you decide to include in your policy, make sure it aligns with your business goals. Once you have your policy in place, turn it into your sponsorship package agreement.

2. Create a Photo Booth Sponsorship Package and Agreement

While some event planners or venues have sponsorship packages already, I decided to create my own sponsorship package and agreement for these kinds of events.

Essentially, I created a list of the things I would need to make any sponsorship worth my while, even if I walked away without any additional leads or bookings. Then I added in the services I provide for a sponsorship agreement, and voila! Sponsorship package and agreement for my client to sign on the dotted line.

With this list of benefits in place and a clear set of expectations for my sponsorship client, I can always be sure that I am getting something valuable in exchange for my services.

When making your package, consider your policy. For example, if you only want to accept sponsorships in which you get to participate with other vendors, then add in that you need a list of other vendors who are participating in the event. Or, if you only want to work sponsorship events with a certain number of attendees, write that number down as a requirement of sponsorship.

Click here to grab your free copy of my event Sponsorship Agreement!

3. Don’t be Afraid to Say “No”

If a potential client isn’t able to meet the requirements of your sponsorship agreement, don’t be afraid to decline the opportunity—just like you would for anyone else who cannot afford to pay your rates. Also, your policy could be that you don’t participate in sponsorships. It’s your call!

“In the past two months we’ve received more requests for sponsorships, partnerships, collaborations, etc than we did for all of 2018. Sponsorships are great, but just not great for us.” 

You can be polite, and you do not have to explain or justify your decision. Decline the offer and move on.

4. Meet somewhere in the Middle

If declining the event altogether doesn’t sit well with you, there is some wiggle room.

Maybe the opportunity isn’t aligned with all of your goals, or the sponsorship client cannot meet all of your package requirements, but you really like working with them so far, or you want to make it work. You have a few options!

See if you can get any funds at all to help offset the costs of your photo booth services. Perhaps they cannot pay your full package price, but they have some funds available. It’s worth the ask.

If they don’t have any funds available at all, try having another company sponsor the photo booth. Maybe the sponsorship client already has another company in mind, or you can work with them to identify another company that will gain more value from sponsoring the event.

With another company sponsoring the photo booth, you might just have a win-win situation on your hands. You get paid, and they get their brand amplified at the event on the photo booth, the photos, and in messaging.

Also go through your sponsorship package agreement and see if the sponsorship client can meet any of the requests on your list. In other words, prioritize the items on your list. Perhaps some of them are more important than others, and so long as those items are met, you are good to go!

Accepting Sponsorship Requests for Your Photo Booth Business

The truth is, as much as we might love helping people out, we just can’t accept all the sponsorship requests that come our way. And photo booth owners get a LOT of these requests!

We deserve to get paid for our work. So make sure that you can handle these requests gracefully with my photo booth success tips:

  • Create A Sponsorship Policy
  • Create a Sponsorship Package and Agreement
  • Meet somewhere in the Middle
  • Don’t be Afraid to Say “No”

When you are able to evaluate the benefits you get from working an unpaid event, you are better able to make an informed decision and think like the business-owning boss that you are.

Click here to grab your free copy of my event Sponsorship Agreement!

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